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Ordiamex International, your gateway to the rich and diverse Guinea, Africa. Our company specializes in the exploration and extraction of precious minerals, including gold, diamonds, and bauxite, within the vibrant landscape of Guinea.

The population of Guinea is estimated at 13.5 million. Conakry, the capital and most populous city, is a hub of economy, commerce, education, and culture. In 2014, the total fertility rate (TFR) of Guinea was estimated at 4.93 children born per woman.[107]

Guinea has 25% or more of the world’s known bauxite reserves. It has diamonds, gold, and other metals. Bauxite and alumina are the most major exports. Other industries include processing plants for beer, juices, soft drinks and tobacco. Agriculture employs 75% of the nation’s labour force. Under French rule, and at the beginning of independence, Guinea was an exporter of bananas, pineapples, coffee, peanuts, and palm oil. Soil, water, and climatic conditions provide opportunities for irrigated farming and agro industry.

Guinea possesses over 25 billion tonnes (metric tons) of bauxite – and perhaps up to one half of the world’s reserves. Its mineral wealth includes more than 4-billion tonnes of high-grade iron ore, and diamond and gold deposits, and uranium. Possibilities for investment and commercial activities exist in all these areas, and Guinea’s “poorly developed infrastructure and rampant corruption continue to present obstacles to large-scale investment projects

About Guinea

Guinea, located on the western coast of Africa, is renowned for its abundant mineral resources and a culture that is deeply rooted in its natural wealth. Our team at Ordiamex International is dedicated to harnessing these resources sustainably while respecting the local communities and preserving the unique cultural heritage of the region.
Our mining operations in Guinea are centered around the extraction of gold, a highly sought-after metal that has been revered for centuries. Guinea’s gold reserves are substantial, and our experienced team employs state-of-the-art techniques to ensure responsible and efficient mining practices.
In addition to gold, we are also engaged in diamond mining. Guinea is home to some of the world’s finest and most coveted diamonds, known for their exceptional quality and brilliance. At Ordiamex International, we take pride in our commitment to ethical sourcing and responsible mining, ensuring that our operations adhere to the highest industry standards.
Furthermore, our company is actively involved in the extraction of bauxite, a key mineral used in the production of aluminum. Guinea possesses one of the largest bauxite reserves globally, and our expertise in this field allows us to contribute to the global supply chain while prioritizing environmental stewardship and community engagement.
Beyond our mining endeavors, we recognize the importance of fostering mutually beneficial relationships with the people of Guinea. The country boasts a rich cultural heritage, with diverse ethnic groups and traditions that have thrived for generations. We actively support local initiatives and collaborate with communities to create sustainable development opportunities, ensuring that the benefits of our operations are shared equitably.
As you explore our website, you will discover more about our mining projects, environmental initiatives, community engagement programs, and commitment to corporate social responsibility. We strive to be a responsible industry leader, promoting transparency, sustainability, and innovation in all aspects of our operations.
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