We protect and responsibly manage the natural resources under our care.

Mining has a direct impact on the environment due to the need to access land and water resources. Indirect impacts can also result from the construction of roads and other mining-related infrastructure in the areas where we operate. Ordiamex  understands that demonstrating responsible environmental stewardship is an important aspect of acquiring and maintaining our social licence to operate.
Our environment management systems enable us to proactively identify and manage the potential environmental risks associated with our activities and to meet our compliance obligations and voluntary commitments. In seeking to prevent pollution and environmental incidents, we have set a target of zero reportable environmental incidents, as defined in our incident reporting standard.


Environmental Stewardship includes:

Responsible and efficient water management

Reducing air emissions

Mitigating our impact on and contributing to biodiversity

Responsible stewardship of the materials we use

Efficient management of energy resources

Mitigating climate related risk

Integrating environmental and social aspects into mine closure