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Beyond Limits, Below the Surface

We strive to be the world’s most valued gold mining business by finding, developing and owning the best assets, with the best people, to deliver sustainable returns for our owners and partners.

Our Working Process

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Research & Mining

Utilizing advanced research techniques and cutting-edge technology, we extract precious resources from the Earth responsibly and sustainably, contributing to the global supply chain while minimizing environmental impact.

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Design & Planning

Our team of experts specializes in designing and planning mining operations that prioritize efficiency, safety, and environmental stewardship. We create comprehensive strategies that guide our operations from exploration to extraction.

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As a leading player in the mining industry, we offer a wide range of high-quality resources on a wholesale basis. Our reliable and consistent supply chain ensures that our clients receive the materials they need to drive their businesses forward.

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We provide opportunities for strategic investors to participate in the growth and success of our mining operations. With a track record of delivering value, we offer investment options that align with our commitment to sustainable practices and responsible resource management.

Exceptional Resource Diversity

 Ordiamex International proudly presents a triumvirate of nature’s wonders – gold, diamonds, and bauxite. Explore our meticulously extracted treasures that power industries and adorn lives globally.

Sustainable Mining Legacy

We epitomize responsible mining by harmonizing nature and industry. Our eco-friendly practices ensure the preservation of landscapes while delivering gold, diamonds, and bauxite for a sustainable future.

Global Resource Partner

As a trusted name in the mining realm, Ordiamex International stands as a premier supplier of gold, diamonds, and bauxite. Join hands with us for a seamless supply chain that fuels economies worldwide.

Ethical Mining Practices

At Ordiamex, we prioritize sustainability and ethical mining practices. Our commitment to environmentally conscious operations ensures that the beauty of the Earth is preserved while extracting the treasures it holds.

Extracting Wealth, Fueling Progress

Ordiamex International has mining operations and projects All over the world, including Canada, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and the Republic of Guinea. 
Ordiamex is an international mining company with a multi-million-ounce gold reserve base and a strong production growth profile from three wholly-owned gold mine.
Ordiamex International is a well-financed, multi-asset mining company. It has the Properties, the People and the Plan to achieve its vision of becoming a mid-tier gold producer.


Unveiling Earth's Hidden Treasures!

What We Extract
Ordiamex International has its own Gold, Bauxite, Iron ore mines. Gold mine located in SIGUIRI, KOUROUSSA, Bauxite In Koundara, Iron ore in FARANAH